Living with HIV and AIDS (Ryan White Project)

NNJLS provides legal services for persons living with HIV or AIDS in Bergen and Passaic Counties. NNJLS can make special arrangements to meet with homebound clients. Our services include preventing discrimination in housing, employment, and access to services, helping clients obtain and maintain benefits which are wrongfully withheld, preparing documents such as powers of attorney, wills, guardianships and others, and assisting clients who are wrongfully denied adequate medical care or medical insurance coverage.

We also offer help in:

  • Housing (landlord/tenant disputes, rental assistance programs, public housing)

  • Public Benefits (SSI/RSDI, TANF [Temporary Assistance for Needy Families], GA [General Assistance], Unemployment Insurance, NJ SNAP [Food Stamps], Medicaid/Family Care/Medicare, and Veterans Benefits)

  • Healthcare (denial of medical care or health insurance coverage)

  • Future Planning (Powers of Attorney, wills, guardianship)

  • Family & Relationships (Domestic violence TRO and FRO, child support, child custody, divorce)

  • Employment barriers (Criminal record expungements, identification, driver’s license restoration, occupational license reinstatement)

  • Debt Collection, bankruptcy

  • Discrimination in housing, employment, and access to services​

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