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Consumer Protection

The Consumer Law Unit helps those who are victims of consumer fraud or identity theft, are being sued to pay a bill, or who have problems with credit cards or other loans, repossessed automobiles, or unpaid medical bills.

We offer help with

  • problems with creditors or lenders

  • consumer fraud

  • identity theft 

  • credit card or other loan problems

  • repossessed automobiles

  • unpaid medical bills

  • protecting social security and unemployment benefits from wrongful seizure by creditors

  • fair debt collection

  • fair credit reporting

  • bankruptcy

We have monthly bankruptcy clinics in English and Spanish, which explain bankruptcy and the information needed to file a petition. Attorneys from Northeast New Jersey Legal Services and volunteer private attorneys represent eligible clients in bankruptcy cases. With some bankruptcy issues, it is possible for you to represent yourself in court to get the issue resolved. When you represent yourself in court, it is called appearing "pro se." To learn more about our pro se bankruptcy clinics, click here. 

Should you declare bankruptcy? Watch our videos to learn more.
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